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SDA Properties is a full-service residential  brokerage
serving all of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Why join SDA Properties 
1. Real training and coaching that will take your skills and mindset to much higher level!
2. The only guarantee in the industry: Broker Dan Alon  guarantees you a minimum of 12 additional transactions above your current production in the first year with SDA Properties (provide you attend his weekly training and implement what’s being presented) 

3. Ask yourself the following questions and answer honestly:
A. Do you understand why expired listings  are reluctant to relist?
B do you have affective scripts for approaching for sale by owners and expired listings?
C. Do you understand the importance of lead follow up?
D. Do you have an effective lead management system?
E. Are you able to handle typical for sale by owner an expired objections with ease?
F. Do you know how to close powerfully and repetitively?
G. Do you know how to set reasonable, achievable goals?
H. Do you know exactly how many listings you must carry at all times to achieve your production goals?
I. Are you aware of the five distinguishing characteristics of a sales person?
J. Do you have a model for closing for appointments?
K. Do you have a model for using Scripts?
L. Do you have a model for handling objections?
M. Do you understand the necessity to adhere  to a schedule?
N. Do you have a daily schedule?
would you like to know exactly what to do… And what to say… On a daily basis to be successful in real estate?
These topics and many others will be presented to you by Dan.

Benefits Of join SDA Properties 
-No monthly fees 
- No annual fees
- No sign up fees
- Free Coaching 
-No Franchise Fees
- Unlimited Broker Support
- Get Leads 
- Free Transaction Coordinator on every deal paid by SDA so you can focus on helping your clients and not the paperwork
80/20 Split  Caps at $15,000 Annually 
No monthly fees no franchise fees.  E & O Insurance Included,Tranaction coordinator included on every file   
You get training, leads. 


Call me or email us  to schedule an appointment 661-210-3130